How to advertise

How to advertise

When it comes to advertising, most business owners, especially traditional managers, think that ads are just broadcasting ads on TV and displaying some billboards in such a way that they can see and enjoy themselves every day.

Or they suppose that internet advertising is cheap and free, and their goal is to increase their sales budget by 20 million Rials.

But do you think this is realistic ?! While the advertising phenomenon is much broader. Now the question arises, how do we advertise?

Dear managers, you must answer the following questions before advertising.

What is the position of products in the market in terms of quality, name, and packing? And is its quality appropriate for the target market?

  1. What is the price of the products according to its position in the market and competitors for retail and wholesale?

3- What is the status of my distribution channels like? Does my product  exist on the market in the area where I want to advertise?

4- Do you have any plans for sales promotion goals (awards, contests, celebrations) and public relations?

Is the market information such as – consumer needs, consumer buying behavio,competitors, market volume, etc accessible for me?خیره کردن ترجمه

You should also answer the following questions, as soon as you answered the above questions:

  • Where is my target market geographically?

2-What is the level of my target audience in terms of age, gender, income, education, religion, race, nationality, occupation?

3- What is my purpose in advertising? 

4- How much is my advertising budget?

5- What is my media?

  • What are my promotional messages?

After answering these questions, an advertising program should be developed and advertised accordingly.