Commercial and advertising photography

Commercial  photography

A commercial photography is taking pictures from a company’s products which have a great quality in terms of lighting. Commercial photography is product based and only focuses on the product.

You definitely need commercial photography when you want to use the products’ photos in designing  a catalogue or a billboard as showing a professional photo to the customers either in a catalogue or in a website and a billboard is highly important.


Advertising Photography

Unlike commercial photography which focuses on the product, Advertising Photography concentrates on visual effects and its goal is attracting the target audience and creating  emotions and excitement for him or her in order to make him or her motivated and also create a requirement feeling for the audience.

So as to achieve a more attractive product  than it is, advertising photography uses photography techniques, professional equipments, accessories, models, creativity, and ideation.

Gunay Advertising Agency is equipped with a photo shoot studio to provide commercial and advertising photography services.