Video marketing

Video Marketing

In today’s world, Video Marketing is one of the important tools in marketing.

A video can simply transfer the intended message and concept to the target audience and be more persistent in their minds.

What is video marketing? Video marketing is the use of video to communicate effectively to a business in order to attract an audience, develop brand awareness, and also selling a product or service.

Studies show that in video ads (audio and video combinations) the effectiveness rate is much higher than other types of ads. For this reason, today, various platforms have been created on the Internet, such as Instagram, Telegram and… for video playback.

Video can be used in many different fields, some of the most important of  them are as follows:

  • Displaying customers’ points of view about the business, products, or services
  • Displaying intra organizational events such as the production process video of a manufact in a factory
  • Tuition Videos
  • Descriptive videos of products or services
  • Organizational tuition videos
  • Viral Videos

The necessity of using video marketing

YouTube, the world’s largest video platform, is the second most popular website after Google.

Watching more than 1 billion hours of movies a day by users can be the reason for this ranking.

 “Aparat “ the Iranian website also published its latest statistics, stating that the duration of videos for over 36 million Iranian users is more than 180 million minutes a day. With these statistics, we can see the role of video marketing in marketing and sales.

What kind of video should we make for our business?

Before producing a video, we must answer the following questions:

Where is my target market?

Who is my target audience?

What is the position of my business?

Which media will I use to play my video?

What kind of video should I produce?

How much budget have I allocated for producing the video?

What is the target of producing a video?

Types of videos you need to produce according to your condition:

1-Video of the product demo

2-Brands’ Video

3- Events’ video

4- Specialized interviews

5- Tutorial video and product or service guide

6- Descriptive video

7- Animated video

8 – Case video and customer comments

9- Live video

10- Augmented Reality

11- Personal video