TV Support Plan for domestic production

Article 16 of the regulations of the General Administration of Broadcasting and Broadcasting in 1401
Incentive facilities to support domestic production and sustainable employment of the third group, more than 51% of whose shares belong to the private sector
The National Media announces the following support package for the maximum support of the employment of human resources in 1401, as in previous years. The owners of the third group of goods who are producers of the final product for the final consumer, if they have paid a maximum of 260 billion Rials to their employees during the year 1400 (the base year), by submitting an approved list
The social security organization is eligible for this plan and can pay up to 260 billion
Riyals to use the tariff at the rate of zero Riyals, 100% free.
Note 91: Those economic enterprises included in Article 16 that have used incentive facilities in 1400, with compliance
Article 16 and its related notes in 1401 and including 50% of wages or salaries and benefits paid to its employees, up to 130 billion riyals will be subject to the use of the said capacity.