Mode Documents Required to Conclude a Contract of Iranian Sound Product and Services Plan in 2022

For companies

  1. Picture of Company Statute, All Pages
  2. Trademark Registered in the Business Registrar
  3. Image of the official newspaper
  4. Operation license image
  5. Image of CEO IDs
  6. Introducing Gunay Tabriz Advertising Center as the company’s representative to the General Directorate of tv
  7. Mandatory Standard License Image
  8. Founding Advertisement
  9. Traditional entire salary paid to workers
  10. Documentation of Health Authorization
  11. signature certification
  12. Economic code

For natural persons

  1. Brand image
  2. Operation license image
  3. Image of identification documents
  4. Introduction letter
  5. Mandatory Standard License Image
  6. Confirmation of the entire salaries and benefits to workers
  7. Signature Certificate